Saturday, February 15, 2014

Total Randomness...

Several of you have stumbled on this blog on accident, a few of you you because you're family, and some I know from my crafty-ventures.  For those that don't really KNOW's your chance to get to know me better.

1) My favorite movie ever is Dirty Dancing
 2) My dad died in 2010
 3) I played softball from age 6 until High school
 4) I was a cheerleader 
 5) I love the South
 6) My first job was at a bridal shop
 7) I still watch cartoons regularly
 8) I once met a girl who was Minnie Mouse 
 9) I had my first baby when I was just 18
 10) I have a degree in Early Childhood Education
 11) I'm a stay at home mommy
 12) My last job was as an assistant manager at a beauty supply store
 13) I have a black lab named Cooper
 14) I have a 14 year old cat named Itty Bitty
 15) I have only ever completed one video game, Duck Tales
 16) I have a minor Facebook obsession
 17)I have been scrap booking since I was 17
 18) I was the editor of my schools news paper
 19) I used to play tennis, and was part of a #1 ranked doubles pair
 20) I have seen Grease, the movie over 100 times
 21) I have a  girl crush on Miranda Lambert
 22) I demoed product for Fiskars 
 23) Peonies are my favorite flower
 24) I love to read
 25) I live up north but I hate snow
 26) I watch the ID channel nonstop
 27) I'm a Supernatural fanatic
 28) I met Kenny Chesney's dad, and went to a sound check with him 
 29) I love to travel
 30) I eat my scrambled eggs with ketchup and put sugar in my chili
 31) I met my best friend online in a group
 32) I have been in a relationship for 15 years
 33) My favorite restaurant is Chick Fil A 
 34) I love the show Good Luck Charlie and watch it with my kids
 35) I collect honeybee items
 36) I have a Pomeranian that we flew home with us from Florida
 37) I love Disney World more than my kiddos
 38) I am Polish
 39) I'm afraid of heights
 40) I still sleep with my blanket from when I was a little girl
 41) I never played with dolls as a child, only art supplies and stickers
 42) I have a full collection of the Care Bears (the originals)
 43) I have an usually good memory for names
 44) I organize things by color
 45) I have a shoe "collection"
 46) My oldest daughter graduated from Preschool the same year I graduated college-2005
 47) I'm rather afraid of reptiles... especially snakes
 48) I'm highly allergic to hay
 49) I've always wanted to learn how to sew
 50) I have a room specifically for my craft supplies... all organized by color!

Leave a comment and tell me 5 things about yourself.... or better yet link up your blog with your very own bunch of randomness!