Sunday, January 5, 2014

Throw Back Thursday... 2013 In Review (A few days late)

We rang in 2013 while in California, and ended it while in Iowa; to say the least 2013 was our year of Travel.  We put on over 5,000 trip miles, over 3,000 Frequent Flyer Miles, and stepped foot in 16 states.  Needless to say, we have this packing thing down to a science.  Our adventures were truly Epic, and something that none of us will ever forget.  Here's a run down on how we spent our 2013:

We all drove out to California to visit Daddy-O.  Stopping along the way at some great landmarks like Mount Rushmore, Wall Drug, and the Corn Palace.  We spent time in San Francisco at the Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 watching the seals.  Peapod even rode on a train for the first time.  And all of us traveled back in time riding on a Street Car.  The girls also started basketball, and kept me running to and from practices and games.  I also started a new adventure called Project Life.  With our busy schedule it was fitting for me to try and keep up with documenting our memories.  

Ice fishing is what it's all about!  No record breaking catches this year, but lots of fun to be had on the ice.  We celebrated Nana coming home, and she had milestone birthday.  There was a lot of time spent outside on the snow hill- sledding and building penguin slides.  There were also school field trips for Peapod, and the final games of Livydoodles basketball season.

Livydoodles celebrated her birthday, and I cannot believe how fast time flies.  It seems like she was just born!  We even had two separate parties for her!  Rainy weather made it hard to enjoy all the snow that we had, so there was lots of time to snuggle and craft indoors.  I also met a new group of ladies have become very important to me.  This is one reason that I craft, and I am so thankful for the many friends that I have made.  Squirrel Power!

We became a family divided... over the new Doritos Locos Tacos!  One vote for Cool Ranch, One vote for Nacho Cheese.  We carried on a old family tradition and played in the annual World's Largest Trivia Contest.  The weather was quite the tease here in the Northwoods, leading us to believe that Spring might actually make an appearance.  But we were smarter, and headed South for some sun and fun time with Daddy-O.  We played on the beach, camped out, and even got to see a TV show in the making.  Our trip was quite the adventure.  The girls were real troopers and stuck it out until the end, even though I thought we were going to float away with all the rain.

The girls finally got to enjoy some time outdoors and spent it riding bikes, flying kites, and creating chalk drawings.  Livydoodles had an amazing field trip to a wildlife area that I was lucky enough to go on.  I felt honored that she still wanted me to chaperon at her age.  Peapod graduated from 4K, and attended her Kindergarten orientation.  I can't believe she's ready for school!  This also kicked off the fishing season, and that means countless weekends on the lake.

Summer break officially began and so did the craziness that follows.  Livydoodles attended Hunter's Safety and passed with flying colors.  Not to mention a surprise visit from Daddy-O.  We were so excited to have him home, even if it was only for a few days.  We celebrated my birthday at the lake.  We spent the day swimming, mini golfing, and going to see Monsters University.  Peapod ended up with bacterial pneumonia and we spent a lot of time cuddling and watching movies.  Who gets pneumonia in the middle of summer anyways?  

Fishing, Fireworks, and Fourth of July pretty much sums up this time of year!  We also threw in another road trip for good measure.  Apparently I like to drive, which is news to me :)  Back down South for round #2 and another visit with Daddy-O.  Only, this time we didn't have to rush back for school.  We visited some old friends along the route and caught up over dinner.  We stopped in St. Louis, and took a moonlight carriage ride.  And we even cranked "Walking in Memphis" once we hit town.  The weather was beautiful on the coast and the girls enjoyed the beach and swimming pool daily.  I swear there is still sand in my car.

Summer came to an end way too fast, so we tried to fit in everything we still wanted to do.  A family wedding kicked off our month, I love getting to see family and friends.  Daddy-O started a new project close to home and we've never been so darn happy.  We spent most of our weekends together.  Going to the zoo, swimming at the hotel, and just hanging out together.  This is something that is a rarity and we never tire of! Peapod attended Back to School night and met her teacher.  I have never seen someone so thrilled to start school.  

Back to school, and back to the schedules!  I cannot say that we were all thrilled about this, but apparently it's the law somewhere- so off to school they go! LOL.  I had time to myself again, which is something that was a totally new concept for me.  Peapod signed up for Girl Scouts and volunteered me as the Leader, this is a new journey for all of us.  Duck hunting opened, which also meant the first license purchase for Livydoodles.  She's so proud to carry around her little piece of paper.  I also took a trip to Minnesota for some much needed "MOM" time and to visit Scrap Squirrel Fest.  It was a blessing in disguise and definitely what this girl needed.
The Rainbow Loom Obsession joined our household and continues.... I cannot buy them fast enough!  Youth hunt opened for Livydoodles and she was victorious with her first deer.  I'm not sure I've ever seen her so proud.  I'm so thankful that my dad taught her how to shoot!  He would be so proud.  Peapod celebrated her birthday for the first time in school.  She was so excited that I think the celebration continued for a week here!  Zoo Boo was a huge hit for another year, and I loved dressing as the Scooby Doo Gang.  We even placed in the costume contest!  School events are keeping us busy, and there's always something around the corner to attend.

Orange, Orange, and more Orange.... That's all I'm seeing this month!  It's hunting season in the Northwoods and Daddy-O came home to take Livydoodles.  Peapod and I kicked off the holiday season in style and walked in the Christmas Parade with our Daisy Troop.  We celebrated Thanksgiving together as a family, and I feel so blessed that we had that time together.  Daddy-O even extended his trip by a few days to spend some more time here at home.  Dare I say, he's homesick?

I can't believe how fast this year has gone!  Livydoodles ended up with a viral infection that kept her out of school for almost two weeks, which means lots of homework- for US! Holiday programs at school, volunteering in the classroom, and Daisy Scouts sure keeps us busy.  I'm currently working on my December Daily Album, as well as finishing up my 2013 Project Life.  Daddy-O made it home for a 48 hour Christmas visit.  Which was just enough time for Santa to stop by from the North Pole.  We ended our month by traveling to Iowa to surprise a dear friend for her New Year's Eve Birthday.  Spending the day together for lunch, pedicures, and Starbucks was better than I could have imagined to ring in the New Year!  We all even made it until the ball drop!

HAPPY 2014!