Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project Life 2014... Has Begun

If you read my last post BE. you know that I have over come a few challenged in the past couple of years.  I have learned the hard way that things can change suddenly and unexpectedly. This is why I do Project Life!  Because I want to have things documented for my kiddos, for me, for my family.  I want them to have our lives recorded.... the good the bad and the everyday.  That is something that has become of high importance to me.  I completed my 2013 PL album and it warms my heart that my kiddos can page through it and remember something small, so I wanted to continue that into 2014.  Here's the start of my 2014 PL album-
Intro Page 2014


Welcome January: Iowa road trip, Local hockey player added to Olympic Team, One Little Word class and gearing up for PL 2014

Week 1: Arctic Blast, Cookie sales, and play time with friends

Week 2: Daddy-O's home, camper, model cars, and Basketball

Week 3: Dental care, visits with friends, dance camp, sickness and MLK Jr. day

Thanks for looking at my Project Life pages :)  Please, let me know if you're on this adventure too!  I love to look at every ones pages and inspiration!