Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I'm Working on Wednesday....

This week has been a little on the non-traditional side of my craftiness.  Ms. O had a project due for Gateway to Technology. (Or rather, Wood shop or Tech Ed for us old school people.) And that has been taking up all of our time along with a few Halloween shenanigans. 

Each 8th grader got a basic wood cut out house, from there it was up to each of them to take it and make it their own.  Leave it to my kiddo to decide she wanted a log hunting cabin in the woods.  This would have been easy peasy had Daddy-o been home, hence he IS a carpenter!  But with him working out of town it left us to our own devices.  We were brainstorming all sorts of things, but she wouldn't have anything other than realistic logs, and animals.  We made a few compromises with wood grained paper on the walls and some paint on others, but that's as far as the compromising went.  She wanted real we worked to get real logs.  

She wanted a fireplace and a deer mount, so we did a fireplace and deer mount...

All in all it turned out great!  It was way more work than I anticipated but she got her cabin in the woods :) 

What are you working on?