Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I'm Working on Wednesday...

Since the change in our living situation, my poor scrap room has been neglected! I have decided that it's time for a change.  I LOVED the set up I had prior to the flood.  There was so much room and it was just how I wanted it!  But with the damages and mold I lost a ton of supplies.  But unfortunately here, I do not have the space.

And this is what I originally started with since the move here... There's a small difference!

I have been cleaning and sorting, and cleaning and sorting!  I seem to finally have made some headway.  It's not like it used to be, but it will work for now.  Who knows, maybe in a week I will change it again!?!  Here's a peek at the progress, please feel free to leave any organization links or tips that you may have!  

Thanks for taking a look, and I keep you updated as I complete my room :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I'm Working on Wednesday....

This week has been a little on the non-traditional side of my craftiness.  Ms. O had a project due for Gateway to Technology. (Or rather, Wood shop or Tech Ed for us old school people.) And that has been taking up all of our time along with a few Halloween shenanigans. 

Each 8th grader got a basic wood cut out house, from there it was up to each of them to take it and make it their own.  Leave it to my kiddo to decide she wanted a log hunting cabin in the woods.  This would have been easy peasy had Daddy-o been home, hence he IS a carpenter!  But with him working out of town it left us to our own devices.  We were brainstorming all sorts of things, but she wouldn't have anything other than realistic logs, and animals.  We made a few compromises with wood grained paper on the walls and some paint on others, but that's as far as the compromising went.  She wanted real we worked to get real logs.  

She wanted a fireplace and a deer mount, so we did a fireplace and deer mount...

All in all it turned out great!  It was way more work than I anticipated but she got her cabin in the woods :) 

What are you working on?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I'm working on Wednesday...

 I hope that all of you are enjoying to new look and feel of the blog.... I know I am!  Here's what I'm currently working on- First off is my Project Life.  I am so excited that I have kept this up throughout the year!  I love looking back at all the things we've done.  These pages here are no exception.  We've been really getting into the Halloween spirit around here.  This week includes pumpkin carving at school with the kindergarten classes and their grandparents.  As well as out favorite Halloween event,  Zoo Boo.  We love traveling to Minocqua and getting to see the animals and participate in all the fall fun.  This year we even even entered the costume contest !  I can't wait until next year, Ms. O is already planning our costumes!

I've also been playing catch up on my 2012 December daily album.  I have a few more pictures to add, then I can embellish, and journal!  I really fell behind last year while creating this over the holidays, but I did keep up with pictures and notes.  

Thanks for joining me.... What are you working on?


Welcome to the newly redecorated version of Life in a Northern Town!  I am glad that you can join me on the latest stretch of my journey.